Welcome! Woolbright Development, Inc. Woolbright is pleased to make available for your review and consideration and for review and consideration by your “Principals” and “Representatives” (as said terms are defined below), certain information the ( “Confidential Information" ) relating to certain properties (collectively, the “Properties”, and each, individually, a “Property”) that may be offered for sale by Woolbright or its affiliates and/or clients.

Please note, however, that access to the Confidential Information will be granted subject to, and conditional upon, your agreement (the “Confidentiality Agreement ”) to certain terms, conditions and limitations as more particularly described below.

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  1. Confidentiality
  2. For the purposes of this Agreement, the term “Confidential Information” shall mean all information and/or data relating to the Properties, or any of them, which is not generally known by parties other than Woolbright or the owner of such Property(ies), including, without limitation, any data, information and/or compilations of information relating to the physical, environmental or other condition of such Property(ies), the tenants of such Property(ies), if any, and/or the terms of any lease(s) or other agreement(s) relating to such Property(ies), research data, business plans, marketing or sales plans or information, financial data or any other information that may be considered to be proprietary to or a trade secret of Woolbright or the owner of such Property(ies), whether or not such information is considered a trade secret within the meaning of applicable law. Information shall not be considered
  3. Use; No Representations as to Properties or as to Accuracy or Completeness of Information